Arkansas! Don't fall for gimmicks!

Paul and Sandy Wilson have avoided owning a “Special Offer” business because they have seen so many gimmicks and bait and switch activities for replacement windows and vinyl siding and they did not want to be associated with that type of business approach. They don’t want to and will not take advantage of the people of Arkansas. Paul, Sandy and Austin are noticed everywhere they go. It is important to them, to be able to greet everyone they meet, shake their hand and look them in the eye.  It infuriates the Wilsons’ when they see these ads, so they wanted to make sure Arkansas is aware of the gimmicks in the industry. The companies who do this this kind of marketing do not offer you quality installation, premium products or extreme customer service. All they have is the illusion of a great price, packaged as a gimmick, so that is what they promote. 

Quality replacement windows, premium vinyl siding and the installation of these products cost money. There is the expense of the product and the charge for the labor to have it PROPERLY installed. So how are other siding and window replacement companies throughout the state of Arkansas able to offer so many perceived “great deals”? The answer is hard to hear, but very simple! Their prices are so inflated to begin with; your “savings” are imaginary. Whoops, we just let out their dirty secret. When we say we offer the best products, the best installation and the best service at the best price that is exactly what we do. When you compare apples to apples, Wilson’s Home Improvement cannot be beat on quality, installation and service. PERIOD.  The ‘Hall Of Shame’ special offers we have heard from other Arkansas companies can’t compete.

Avoid ‘Hall Of Shame’ Offers

Free Labor for your home and every other homeowner buying into the special “Low” offer. Do you really believe this company is paying the installation crews out of their pocket? Common sense tells us this cannot happen on a wide scale for even a short period of time. Companies cannot afford to lose money with every job they do. Realistically, this isn’t realistic at all. It sounds AMAZING, but the truth is inflated prices are used to offer “free” labor.

Replacement windows for every window in your home for one lump sum – Do you really believe a replacement windows promotion like that? Even with poor quality windows an offer like this is impossible. Quality replacement windows are CUSTOM made, specifically for your home. There is no way you are getting anything close to quality. In fact, one sales associate told us “I would not even put windows like these on a dog house”.  Enough said.

Offering a select group of homeowners a special deal – definitely another one for the ‘Hall Of Shame’ – they list these vague offers in an attempt to get some interest, and then when you acquire about it, there is always some reason you don’t qualify for it. It’s a lie. If it wasn’t a bait and switch type of deal, why didn’t they say upfront exactly what the term and offer was?  The reason is simple, they never intended to give anyone a “special deal” and remember if it seems too good to be true it usually is.

Buy One – Get One Free – this is another replacement window and vinyl siding promotion that defies all logic. Buy three walls of quality vinyl siding and getting the forth wall free? Buy one window, get one free.  How can a company continually give product and labor costs away without going out of business. The answer is EVERYTHING was overpriced by that company to begin with! If you do decide to get that forth wall for “free”, request they do the biggest wall!  

Free $200 Gift Card with Purchase – So, they are telling you that they are giving you $200 bucks simply because you chose them to do your home. They are paying you for business. Let me first start off by saying that this is just like the “free labor” gimmick. They aren’t giving you money for free. You are paying for it. They are just giving you the perception that out of the goodness of their heart, they are digging into their pocket and giving it to you! In all honesty, it’s figured into the price and they are just putting it on a gift card and handing it to you so it’s really a wash for them. In some cases, these companies even get paid a promotional fee by the credit card company to advertise it. So, they could actually be making money. Fair huh?

Last but not least, FREE PIZZA! Truth is we don’t know if they are actually paying for the pizza, or if they have a deal worked out with a local business. What we do know is that some people don’t ever get the pizza, and in our opinion, if you are going with a company simply to get free pizza, then we haven’t done our job convincing you that Wilson’s is THE BEST OF THE BEST FOR LESS!

Let’s pretend for a moment that any of these advertising ploys are legitimate savings. Ask yourself this; how much money have they made off the customers who didn’t receive these offers and why are you so special? Also, if you have received an estimate from a gimmick company prior to one of these “amazing bargains”, call them back and see if they will honor the promotion they are having now! With all of this being said, we want all of those in the market for vinyl siding and windows to be informed.  Vinyl siding and windows are not a cheap investment so it is very important to us that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision based off facts, not smoke and mirrors.

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